3D Trees for game engine?

Hi all, I work for a landscape firm and want to start using blenders game engine to produce walkthroughs and I need to produce great looking 3d trees, for example speedtree, medium poly (http://www.speedtree.com/). I’ve searched this forum and seen plugins like tree[d] and gen3 etc. The problem I find is being able to export a textured tree to blender. Also if I was to use something like gen3 in blender, when you create the tree how do you select the leaves so you can then texture them?

Can anyone help and point me into the right direction or have any methods that they may use?


I use Zbrush and model the trunks from photos.

for bark I use Texturemaker and the texture resampler (awesome for grass and dirt textures too)

leafs i use either scaned ones for best results (hard to get tree sap off scanner glass be careful).
sometimes from digital photos.

hope that helps you out… I dont know of any automated way yet… hope someone points us to a nice free one 8)


I edit em a bit later on, and I actually touch a lot the UVs and trunks (ie, welding main trunk to main branches, only error I see, and maybe Uvs aren as good as I’d love too, but I use external tools to improve em) later on, but save me loads of work. I even found ways to do lower poly ones just tweaking a lot the settings of it…


I have used Gen3:


there are some trees at the bottom of this page
there is also l-system
and arbaro

These are probably too high poly for direct use in a game engine, but you can render from a few angles and do do the classic X or * shape, 2 or 3 poly tree. For more detail, isolate a few branches, render and use those images as textures for a hand crafted low poly tree.


One could write a script to do just that - collect generated meshes, apply materials/rendertextures, set lights, render 3frames png-alpha from 120° tilted views, generate 3planes with correct aspect, uv-texture and join mesh, and cleanup. Sorry don’t have time, but that would be feasible, imo.


Did you try ngPlant? May it will be useful for low-poly plant modeling.
ngPlant contains ngpshot utility to create .tga images (with alpha) of modeled plants. It allows to create “shots” of plant from different angles, so it is possible to create set of images from different points of view and use them as billboards, X-shapes and so on…
One problem with ngpshot is that it does not support lighting, so images looks flat-shaded…