3D tutor requires help

Hi all,

Im not new to Blender or 3D but have recently been looking into blenders game engine.

I’m a 3D tutor and have some call off my students to help them creat a game, which is fine with me but in order for this to fit with their studies it needs to fit into certain unit criteria.

One of the critiera is that a level for one game needs to be created in a 2D engine.

The next criteria is that the learners create a 3D level with a 3D engine, obviously Blender is perfect for this.

So I have a two fold question.

A) Does anyone know of a free or open source 2D engine that has the same ease of use as the basics of BGE (I have already followed the tute on the Wiki and found it incredibly intuitve and straight forward). Ideally im after a 2D games engine that can be used for complete novices to games, so very little scripting would be helpfull.

B) Can anyone suggest any good tutorials on how to use the animations created in blender with the BGE?

Thanks for reading this and hope it makes sense

I’m sure the game engine has an orthographic mode. That might be good enough for 2d games?

Thanks for the reply Fobster,

But the unit requires that a 2D game engine be used, so I couldnt create it in blender as its 3D engine if you see what i mean.

I had already considered that possibily …thanks though

Game Maker for 2D.

Thanks i will check out Game Maker is it fairly straight forward and esy to learn ??

The easiest 2D game program ever is RPG maker xp. It costs some money but there is a slighter older version that is called RPG maker 2003 that is free. Game maker is good, but RPG maker is even better and you learn it all in 30 min.

I would keep away from Game maker, You would be better off trying to down a glass of donkey diarrhea… You should try This if you want something more than just a toy but professional enough for indie game designers without breaking the bank.

I started off making 2D games using Flash MX. Most schools or university’s have it on the computers, If your school has it already then use it, if not then its relatively expensive to buy.

So id check with ur IT people to see if they have Flash MX!

Its great, and relatively easy to lean and use.

Edit Check out www.flashkit.com for heaps of tutorials and downloadable game demos made by other people.

Hi functioncurve,

For your 3D GE class, I hav used this as the basis for teaching ( also available as a PDF download at the top of the page )…



You should try Games factory! I’m not sure if they still charge money for it… but i used to spend hours making 2d games with it as a child… and it was a doddle to use.

You setup the game, gravity, objects and the sprites and animations then click ‘play’. If a collision occurs (or some other event like a key press), then the game pauses and allows you to choose the outcome of the event - So it’s really intuitive to use and easy to achieve a fairly sophisticated 2d game (works really well for stuff like platform games).

Once you’ve done this, the code is done for you… so it’s perfect for kid’s to make a simple game, and get their creativity going without constraining it due to the complexity of the underlying code.



Thanks for the replies all

Whipster: Trying the game factory myself now will let you know how i get on

malCanDo:Thanks I have downloaded these and they will certainley help

Will let you all know how i get on :slight_smile:

As far as 2D goes, I would suggest Flash as well since it has the most commercial use out ther for 2D animations and the goal of a class is to learn valuable/resume skills.

Regarding the use of animations in the BGE, you just trigger them to play when some event happens. I dont want to overload you on tutorials for the BGE, but http://www.users.bigpond.net.au/blendage/pages/tutorials/tut8/realtimearmatures.html and http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/true/947/id13.htm seem appropriate.

Please see the recently revamped wiki game engine page for lists of links to tutorials and learning resources.