3D universe wireframe?

Hey all!

I’ve done a good amount of searching and couldn’t seem to find a good hit on what I’m looking to do.

As the subject suggests, I’m looking to build a 3D (fictional) universe wireframe that I can zoom in and out of once rendered, to view closer detail. I want to be able to type in labels of constellations or galaxies, and fill it with inner/outer space graphics, planets, stars, nebulae, galaxy graphics, etc.

Could someone point me in the direction of how to start on a wireframe that would fit the bill, and/or tutorial?

Thanks in advance for any help that you could lend!

Please re-phrase and re-explain what exactly you are trying to achieve, because seeing as this post has 133 views, i think you have not made clear what you want to do.

Go download Celestia or Space Engine…

On a more practical note, research procedural generation. Figure out what makes galaxies look like galaxies, find ways to ‘generate them.’ Technically it isn’t hard, conceptually it is.

well i make add ons for celestia so i am a bit UNPARTIAL

from your post you WANT something that is “procedural”

that would be the MICROSOFT ONLY !!! ( dose sort of run in WINE on linux) Space Engine

Celestia right NOW is focusing on OUR solar system in high detail ( currently i have 100+ gig’s of COMPRESSED maps and meshes )

svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/celestia/code/ celestia-code

BUILD-5229 is basically Celestia 1.7.0 ( using QT4 for the GUI )

for Linux there is also “pioneer”

it too is “procedural”

more of a ship sim
the fun and a bit odd “space NERDS in space”
( i keep thinking of Miss piggy and “pigs in space” )

Not sure where the confusion or tangents are coming from… I want to render a fictional universe, populate it with various space and astronomical phenomena. I was hoping for some hints on where to begin.

start by looking at the multi operating system program Pioneer
or the Microsoft ONLY ( no Linux and NO Apple support) program space engine

as a starting place for a "procedural " based code base

then write code

it is VERY complex idea to " render the UNIVERSE "
stars - the type

planets - too complex to post a line

Galaxies type and classification

there locations in the LOCAL cluster and local supper cluster
the grouping of the supper clusters

– the over all structure

Maybe you could do something like visualizing stuff around the earth :wink:

Our cosmic junkyard - Dailymail

Stuff in space helps visualize everything orbiting earth in real time - Designboom

Home: http://stuffin.space/

I’m sorry, folks. I’m failing at communicating what I’m looking to do.

I don’t want to create a procedural universe of mammoth proportions, that is actually to scale of anything remotely resembling an actual universe (ours or otherwise). I just want to create a 3D wireframe model of what appears to be a universe, nothing crazy, about 800x600x600 pixels, with some generic space textures and such, with a few things labeled here and there.

My apologies again for not explaining properly :slight_smile: