3D Vegetation plugin / addon for Blender and Cycles

3DS Max users use Forest Pack (http://www.itoosoft.com/forestpack.php) and other vegetation plugins such as Laubwerks (http://www.laubwerk.com/) to create vegetation sceneries rapidly.

I’d like to know what do Blender users use? At the moment, “make them yourself!” is not feasible as my clients have tight deadlines.


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actually, as far as I know, someone had a prototype of a Laubwerk Plugin running on Blender. Laubwerk actually has a Python connection. Houdini was supported via Python at first, now there is a native plugin for Houdini.
So if there is interest and if you are a Python developer wanting to write a bridge, go and contact them

P.S I should add, that I am modeling plants for Laubwerk :wink: And I think it is also important to understand, that Laubwerk is not a vegetation modeling tool (for now).
But it is also more then just a static model, as you can change parameters like leaf density for example.

ngplant is a standalone software that began as a blender plugin, and can model trees, ferns, palm trees, and other plants.

Some helpful links:

Plant Software Tools

Algorithmic botany software


procedural plants generation in houdini

discover Vegetation for Blender;)
4 seasons management
tree animation
large library.

available on blendermarket :