3d version of "The hidden city-the lost world" by Adrian Baluta

Here’s the original painting:

And I’m going to try to make a 3d version of it in Blender.


There are several things that just arn’t right, the biggest thing being that the atmosphere is too light compared to the original image, but I want any crits, because I might actually finish this one, full.

Thank you.

Made some mountains, made the sky more red, edited the sea mesh. restarting on the cliffs nearest to the viewer, and added some vapor coming out of the part of the sea were it falls.


Crits welcome. Thank you.

Hi… try to decrease the scale of the water bump map. It makes the model look really small. Also try to give the waterfall a steeper falloff. at the moment it looks like it’s flowing over a dam wall, not a wall of rock.

otherwise keep going!

Looking better!!

I like the water … how did you do it?