3D VFX Work for Rangers Film

Hello all,

I’m leading the VFX team for the Kickstarter-backed film The Rangers, set to shoot later this month. We’ve got a group of experienced After Effects artists and now we’re looking for people who can help with 3D characters and effects. I have years of experience in 3D but not a lot of experience with the photo real modelling and rendering that we may need for some complex shots. Most of these effects are on our wishlist, so what we’re doing now is exploring our options for what we can feasibly do in post-production.
This is a low budget film, but not no budget. There is a budget for effects and we’ll be happy to negotiate rates depending on the work.

What we’re looking for:

  • Photo realistic fantasy models: Got a finished model of a dragon, a troll, an orc, a warg, or some other fantastic creature? Or do you have any fantasy environment props that we could use for mattes or drop in the backgrounds of our scenes? We’ll buy them from you for use in our film! Ideally the model should be modelled, textured, and rigged for animation, but if it isn’t all of the above then we’d still like to see it.
  • Animators: We considering using background 3D characters to fill out the numbers in some of our big battle scenes. We’ll need animators to help make orcs and trolls run around and swing swords. If you have experience with mocap then that would also be grand.
  • 3D motion trackers: As it stands now we’re going to lock the camera as much as possible, but it would be great to have someone dedicated to doing 3D tracking if we want to do something more complex.
  • Dynamics artists: Smoke, fire, fog, or magical mist. If you can do it, we want to see it.

Please PM me with info or a reel if you’re interested. There will be limited spots, but it’s in the spirit of this project to give opportunities and experience to people of all skill levels. Don’t be shy.

Thanks guys!

I was wondering is the budgeting for the VFX still like presented in Kickstarter, meaning 6% from $58,406 or about $3500? I would be interested in working on it but photo realistic animated dragons and massive battle scenes are a bit pricier than that.

Feel free to contact with production details like synopsis and/or storyboards and we can discuss details.

I’m interested in negotiating rates for the dynamic artists role. Here’s a link to one of my dynamic tests I’ve done previously https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vrb50zBymnI

PM me if you want to know more details


Thanks to everyone for the responses!
We’ve got an assembly cut and we’re still a few weeks away from post-production. We probably have all the crew that we need, but it’s possible that we’ll bring in more people if they’re needed.

I was wondering if there’s any destruction scenes.
Here is my youtube channel so you guys can check out what I can do.

Hi, pls check my portfolio

For more details you can contact me on [email protected]