3D View Background Color

Inspired by Bassam’s Dr. Epelepsy script and to get more in touch with the appearance of 3D objects and the scene background i wrote the ‘3D View Background Color’ script:


PS: The ‘<’ button enables live preview in the 3d view.

I will now add a restore function for default color too. Anyway when you did not save yoour user prefs while you have changed the background color your theme will not be changed.


Sorry forget i forget:

-Download the file

  • copy it to the script directory
  • start Blender
  • the script can be found in the “Wizards” menu in the script window

hey, you can save yourself some time bu using Blenders built in color picker- its now available from the Draw module.


i know about it but didn’t get it work because i always get an error about the initial color tuple. I don’t know how to format it.

if you look on the sflender thread, my modification uses the color picker.

Get it :slight_smile: I will do an update with Colorpicker and storing system default color in the registry module on first time running the script.


thnx Bart! nice script. Quick and easy! :wink:

Ok am I missing something or is this for the 3dwindow and not the world background color when you render. Otherwise this does the same as setting the background colors in the world window.

Hi Shaba,

this script sets the background color of the 3D view. So you get more a visual impression how the scene/ animation looks when you edit meshes or view animations without rendering.