3D view is all grey, free view will not show scene

I can not get my 3D view to show anything other than the default grey back ground for this one project I am working on. Only in the camera view will it show anything. If I leave the camera view and go to free view, no objects show up, the grid floor does not show up, nothing in the scene shows up. It’s just grey. It doesn’t make a difference if I am in edit mode or object mode. If I go into that realtime render mode, it will show the blue color background I have set up for the scene, but no objects in it.

If I switch the view to Lock to Object, it show the scene, but in wireframe mode the objects it shows look like very crude wireframe versions of what I already have. However when I switch to solid shading, the objects look about right. The view in ‘Lock to Object’ has kind of a distorted fish eye view and it clips the objects at certain distance no matter what I set the clipping distances to. The clipping distances are set correctly, so it shouldn’t be clipping anything out.

When I press f12 and render the scene from the render camera’s perspective, everything looks fine.

I am just getting the swing of Blender, but I really do not want to lose the progress on this project. However, I can’t really work on this project with the view like it is now. Someone please help!

Does it say anything in the corners of the 3D view window.
What happens if you press home key.
What happens if you press numpad 5.
What happens if you press z.
What happens if you press shift C.

Hi Druban, when I press numpad 5, nothing happens. same scene. When I press Z, nothing changes. BUT, when I pressed the home key, the scene came back and everything works now! How the heck did that happen!? What do you think went wrong? What does the Home key do exactly? Thank you very much!!! Much appreciated!

It is the same as View > View All. It zooms so that all objects (selected and unselected) become visible - unless your objects are too large or far aparts and the viewport clipping end is exceeded.

The home key just moves your 3d view where your objects are lol. It means that you were just looking elsewhere, maybe zooming out or rotating would had been enough.

“HOME. All Objects in the visible layer are displayed completely, centered in the window.”

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