3D view + more

Is it possible to rotate the 3D view with a bit more accuracy than the pre-fixed NUM-keys crap. Like with your mouse which most 3D apps allow?? And is it possible to “slide” to the left or right? so i can actually get my model in the middle of the screen and not half way off?

Also can any one refer me to the pure basic to pro tutorials, i have little knowledge on any 3d applications or terms/techniques let alone blender but half the tutoirals i read are either lame or they expect you to know 3D terms and technique for “newbie tutorials”

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile:

hold MMB and drag to rotate view.

Shift-MMB to pan the view.

Ctrl-MMB to zoom (more control than spinning the mousewheel.

You can change the rotate and zoom properties in the user preferences window.

Ok , rotating views:
Alt + Middle mouse button rotates view
Shift + Middle Mouse button slides left & right/ or up & down

best place to start (blender basics tutorial book)

elysiun list of tutorials

blender3d.org list of tutorials

Blender user guides (all have intro sections on basic 3d terms and conventions)

Next: take a deep breath, relax, it will get easier as you go along and welcome to the community :smiley: