3D view navigation

Ok, I’m tearing my hair out… :smiley:

I’ve a model centered in the origin with classical front/right/top positioning
I’ve the 3d cursor in the origin
I’ve the pivot center set on median point
I’ve enabled/disabled rotate around selection in user preferences

I’m trying to achieve this perspective but I can’t…

What am I doing wrong?
I’m using Blender 2.65a


I’m trying to achieve this perspective but I can’t…

Not very useful. Screenshots, your blend file etc etc? Show us what you are doing
Are you using quad view ?, if so the view you are looking for can only be shown in the User view
Are you using default blender settings ?

Here the screen and the axis orientatio I’m trying to reach.

It seems z axis stays always up even if I rotate around the center. Z axis rotates only when the viewer point is under the horizontal grid, but here in the reference the observer should be above the grid. the grid sould be “back-rotated” too.

It’s a strange behavior…


Try changing from Turntable to Trackball


ok, respect.

Thanks. I just learnt a new thing.