3d view out of sync with timeline and render

Hi All,

Iv’e just inserted an effect strip at the front of my video, by box selecting all the clips/scenes/effects and grabbing them all 25 frames to the rhs.

Following this action, my 3D view and VSE and timeline are out of sync (timeline in sync with VSE).

The render and VSE and timeline are as I want them, but the animated text in the 3D view doesn’t match up with the final render.

  1. is there a way to automatically sync all the open windows? i.e. when you drag the play head the 3D view jumps to the correct position in the animation?

  2. Is there a way to lock the play head to the center and get all other open windows (sorry not sure what they are called) to zoom and pan to the play head position on the timeline.

I’m constantly having to zoom and pan manually the other open windows when I move the play head and I would have thought Blender could do this automatically?

Your advice is, as ever, most welcome!