3D view pivot point?

Is there a way to get the 3D view to pivot around an object? For instance, the cursor, or an empty.
Currently, [oops tab made me post and I am too lazy to search how to delete it]

grr…found it… numpad “.”

Position the 3D cursor, hit “C”

oo bonus method thanks.
Numpad . [Del] for selection, C for cursor. got it.

Cool, numpad “.” is handy.

I am now excited about finally discovering Num* [align view to selected], which in ortho mode, is invaluable for rotating object/verts and ‘constraining’ them to a plane.
The plane would be represented by an object [I use an extruded circle - a flat ring] ; selecting the ring I press num*, set up a camera there, make sure it is lined up correctly, go back to my lined up view select what I need and rotate away. Oh the hours spent agonizing over how to constrain an armature this way - I had my circular planes but could not find the mysterious ‘align view to selected’. I am also finding it useful with shape keys - if somethings need to be lined up a certain way, making a guide plane is akin to using a nice straight board to guide a saw.
I do not recall if Blender 2.36 had this, but I am still happy to have found it, even after many many moons.