3D view problems...

Hi !

I’m having a big problem in blender 2.5 , wich I also had in the earlier versions of blender.
in the 3D view the objects have a limit view for watching … and they just get invisable when they leave the view area… Can you disable this view area so you can see unlimited far or just increase the area so big that you don’t have problems with it?

Example Screenshots:

The 2nd problem is that the grid fields just dissapear in the 3D view at 20 squares or something. I can’t really explain the problem but watch the Example Screenshot. Can I make it unlimited big ?

Example Screesnhot:

The 3rd and last problem I have , that if you watch my composition of objects in front, view , back , etc view that you can’t see any diffrance between the objects and it just shows like 1 surface. In rendering it Isn’t but it would be nice to see it here aswel in the 3D view… So I allways need to watch in wireframe view…

Example Screenshot:

1: yes, that was something that bothered me as well to no end. i never found a reason why anyone would actually want there objects to disappear after zooming out a bit…in 2.5 you can adjust the clipping distance all the way up…its not perfect but it helps somewhat…

in 2.4x its the same thing, its located in the “View” menu -> “View properites…”. ive found that somehow 2.4x seems to allow you to zoom out a lot more, even though it should be to the same scale, but i could be wrong…

2: not sure about that one, looks weird…whats your graphics card? update your drivers…

3: thats normal when you are in orthographic view, press NUM5 to change to perspective view.

Thank you , you helped me alot with problem number 1 .

Problem number 2 I didn’t explained verry well . When you are in 3D view but not in a standart view you have the grid fields in grey with the X and Y as in green en red. but the grey grid stops here after 1 big grey box. The grid field can be found at the center so at Z = 0 , X = 0 and Y = 0 . can you make it reach further than the standart value or is it a limit. cause it would be cool if it was unlimited just as the standart view grid fields ( side , front , back , etc ) . So this hasn’t to do anything with my video card. but for going off topic : ATI radeon HD 4800 dual series.

At problem 3 . Yeah I know that but isn’t there any way that you can watch it in orthographic mode aswel good?

oh i see what youre saying…as far as i know there is no way to make an infinite grid in any view other than the front, top, side, etc…

3: nope, that is by definition the effect of orthographic projection. there is no depth perception and surfaces that are facing the same way, even if they are on a different plane in depth, will appear to be flush and on the same plane.