3D view script by Emilio Aquirre

(theeth) #1

I recieved today an e-mail which I think could be of much interest to some of you coders out there:

So, I asked Goofster to put Emilio’s file on his server, so there it is:


Basicly, it recreates a 3D view in the script window (I think Zr did one like that too at some point). I think this could open the way for the modelling tools which needs user input in 3D views (like bandsaw for example).

Thanks to Emilio for sharing his hard work.


(K-Rich) #2

… Maybe Blender isn’t dead after all :slight_smile:

this is some awsome work :slight_smile: Now if we could just make some tools… Hmmmmmm… Face Select anyone? Lofting? HAIR??? Mwahahahaha!


(RipSting) #3

Woa! This script has brought me some amazing concepts. If someone was to really get into it, they could program their own PaintFX similar to the ones in Maya. Or the hair sculpting tools in SoftImage XSI. Or the regular mesh sculpting tools in Maya. This looks very complex though. I’ll have to scour through it in my free time!

(aayers) #4

This is quite a nice tool. I’m glad to see a script that makes use of the OpenGL commands. Depending on the geometry of the objects in the scene though, it may take some time to refresh.

(eeshlo) #5

It reminds me of an old Blender script that did something similar, but even more complex using GLUT, called ‘Cavernosa’, you can still get it here, but it only runs on old Blender versions: