3D View Very slow

Hi! I saw some posts with similar issues, but nothing quite matching.

I am experiencing very slow activity across the board in Blender 2.63, primarily in 3D view, since adding a couple fairly simple textures to an object (note: these were not the first textures present in the model and both are sized under 1 MB). Even selecting a vertex has a delay of half a second or so.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what might be happening? I have, of course, tried turning it off and on again :). The issue persists even with the textures hidden.

I made sure nothing is rendering, in fact the CPU and RAM are hardly being used. I am running on Windows 7 (Core i7, 16g, NVIDIA GTX460).

Many thanks!

When in the menu for selecting your .blend files and pictures have you noticed that when selecting files the highlighting is slow?