3D viewer position per scene


I have two scenes. In one scene, I move around in 3D view. I’m not in camera view. When switiching to the other scene, my viewer position has changed there, too. That means, I always have to reposition when switching scenes. I want to have separate viewer positions per scene. I didn’t find a setting to enable it. “Lock camera to view” is something different.

Is it possible?

Using blender 2.63.

EDIT: Another one: Is there a shortcut to step to the next/prev scene? Didn’t find it. Currently I use the outliner window which is ok, too.

Long time ago, though, as it’s a solution…: Meanwhile I use one screen per scene, so I don’t change the scene in the active screen but change the screen displaying the other scene, and that one has it’s own layout, 3D windows and consequently view position.