3D Viewport Overlays, Relationship lines

Hey, just a quick question here.

I was doing some theme-customization, and I just can’t find any theme-related settings for this “3D Viewport” overlay item:

Figure text: “How do I set the color of this bad-boy here; the “tracking” constraint relationship line?”

I actually had to make the viewport shading background color brighter in this screenshot, to even make it visible for you guys. On a dark background, that line is nearly invisible.

Hmm, that particular constraint relationship line seems to be rendered using the: User Interface -> Axis & Gizmo Colors -> Axis Z color…

Changing that may be suboptimal generally, but you can pick a slightly brighter color at least.

@deadpin: Thanks for figuring it out. But, oh man – dang it, just dang it!

Case at hand:

Makes sense:

  • “Z-Axis Color” affects the color of the “Z-Axis Guides” of the 3D Viewport.

Does NOT make sense:

  • “Z-Axis color” affects the color of the “Object Constraint” relationship lines!

What can I do about it?

It looks like I’m going to have to put in a suggestion to add a new theme color setting for “object constraint relationship lines”.

Best place to post UI design suggestions?

What would be the correct place to add UI improvement suggestions like this?

Would you use one of the above, or something else?

I’d almost consider this a bug in which case Help -> Report a Bug, but chances are good it will get closed as “not really a bug” if you do that.

You could add a post to: https://devtalk.blender.org/c/user-feedback/paper-cuts

@Zoot: Thanks, that’s a good suggestion. The “Paper Cuts” subcategory seems perfectly suitable for the type of feedback post I would like to make.

My current behaviour model =)

  1. Discuss the topic / issue on BlenderArtists.org first, to get community feedback.
  2. Post to appropriate devtalk forum.
  3. If necessary, escalate/elevate topic to a Bug Report on the official Blender Bug Tracker (Maniphest).

This is a relatively slow process, but refines the issue step by step, so I think I’ll stick with it. =)