3d virtual world system embedded on web page,possible?


Well my guestion is exactly what the topic says.
Its problematic for lot of viewers to download cortona or
some other player, i wander if its possible to embed a
software/code that works as the player.

Would like to make like an virtual world 3d exe
allmost but, well a 3d world that works as such
but doesnt have to be installed, and doesnt involve
lot of legal mambo jambo.

Well… you’ve already mentioned Cortona, so I suppose you’re aware of VRML and X3D (which Blender supports)… some other programs are listed here:

You could use some Java 3D stuff… but that might prompt you with a security message…

I think the most straight forward (user wise anyway) way to do 3D would be to use Flash, like Sandy, or PaperVision…