3D Walktrough

I am a newbie, I have done some tutorials and I want to make a walkthrough with the template. I have imported an object, a hollow cube with windows. When it is in wireframe the gameangine goes good, but when I push alt Z then I got a white game screen. There are no additional lamps and ligths, also when I texture the cube with a color the game engine gives a white scene. Can anybody tell me what is wrong?

I have installed blender and Python on a Win XP machine, the functions I have done work very well.

You need to assign textures to your objects with the UV Texture Editor or “paint” it with Vertex Colors

Here’s some tuts :



Another thing you can do that’s easier than doing a full UV mapping is to select your meshes, go to the edit buttons and press ‘Make’ next to VertColors. This will color your mesh’s verts with an approximation of the lighting falling on the mesh. Of course, you have to have some lights in your scene. If you add any new faces, you have to delete and then recreate your vertex colors. It seems that this works even if you have no material assigned to the mesh.