3d web design help

does anyone know the way to go about doing a 3d interactive website with full quality graphics im wanting to create a full multimedia 3d website for my yr12 major but im not to sure on how to go about it.
ive tried using macromedia director but everytime i convert the blend file to xsi and then to W3D the quality of the objects go from good to extremely poor :frowning:
so if anyone can help me out by telling me about better programs to use or at least someone tell me how to fix the quality of the objects
im wanting to use blender for all 3d modelling of coarse:eyebrowlift:
plz reply asap

Hmmm… well, I’ll give you my opinion but you may not like it. First, just to back it up, I’ve been doing 3D for about seven years now, I use Blender 3D and Max, I wrote a 3DS Max course and taught it for 3 years at a local university (apparently it’s quite good), have done freelance 3D since I studied and also have had two fulltime 3D jobs between the two of which I’ve worked up three years of on the job experience - so I’d say I’m not a total newbie.

My advice? Don’t do a 3D website.

a) the technology is not there yet - I’ve yet to see a web3D tech that makes you go sweet
b) it confuses people. 2D = point and click. 3D = figure out how to control which way you’re looking, figure out how to move, figure out where the menus are (unless you put people in a square room they’re going to have to go treasure hunting just to find the menu options). Although I suppose if you offered a map… maybe it would help people feel more in control…

Anyways, the thing with Web3D, its one of those things that sounds really cool, and like a really good idea, but when you try and put it into practice doesn’t end up being as cool as you thought it would. Just do a 2D site and offer your 3D samples as downloadable videos and or executables.

Just my 2c…

They’re working on some interesting stuff at Paper Visions = worth a look.

PaperVision is nice. Here is my website with no content. I will add models and a menu when/if I feel like it some day when I have nothing else to do.


thanks guys for ur opinions i needed it, i had this other idea where you create a 3d world and do camera animation in blender around that world, do renders at different frames say 1 and 50 (those two frames would become the webpage background for two different pages) u then render the animation between frames 2 and 49 or 1 to 50. and when u press a button on the site which would be transparent, it starts to play the animation which should lead straight to frame 50(which has been rendered as a still for background in page2 )…
thats my idea i hope that could work and i hope u understand what my idea is about

could it work with blender and director or another ???

wow! that was interesting…

I used Swift 3D for my site as you can get a good vector output from it:

I rendered Blender images and put them in Flash for this but it’s pretty big:
http://www.robinvspirate.com - Perhaps it might be better to use Flash video?!?

I’ve done some papervision stuff and it looks cool, but there’s some texture warping and faces missing and I don’t how or if they can be fixed!

My experience?

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This from a page with basically no content. Listen to Blenderer.

I did hear something about flash in CS3 having 3d capabilities. Not sure to what extent though, I am keen to check it out. Let me know if ya check it out.

Hi dave

most of 3d tools are crippled solutions.

Till today there is unfortunately no standard 3D system / plug-in to visualize
3D content and also have interactive elements with it.

it is too bad that the blender web plug in was discontinued.
it was quite promising. i remember that i saw at one point an online art gallery
made with blender, you could walk around etc - but i think it had no interaction left.

that paper vision seems to be pretty nice - however you need to have flash and know action script to make real use of it. the web site examples are pretty decent on their site - not just the ordinary cube rotations…

flash is a amazing tool - you just need to know AS.