3D Webserver (What to do with?)

(acasto) #1

Hey all, I have a rather unusual question. I had a compay (iptic.com) that has basically went under. This left me with a dedicated coloed server that I’m gonna try and keep because it’s only $173/month, which isn’t bad for dedicated colo. I have 128kbs/min average which I’m only using about 3k at most now because I only have 5 small sites on it, and about 10 gigs of open space.

So the question is…what should I (we) do.? I was thinking about making it totally dedicated to 3d and Linux (or just alternative OSs). Or maybe making it available for user/member pages.

Also, any ideas on how to lighten the cost a bit since I’m currently unemployed (for now, hopefully not next month), I was thinking maybe having 3D community where we could sell stuff (models, plugins, shaders, etc…)

Well let me know what ya think!

(Timothy) #2

it’s not so much what kind of server you have available, or how fast the connection is. But howmuch bandwith you get.

so, howmuch bandwith do you get for that $173 ?

(acasto) #3

It’s done one an average per minute, not total quantity. You could transfer as much as you want, as long as its under 128kbs.

The router takes a bandwidth reading every minute (throughput, not total amount), then averages them for the month, then throws out the top 5%. Then thats your total bandwidth.

I figured it up before, it comes up to something like 42gigs a month total transfer. But you can burst up to 100Mbs because it throws out the top 5%

(slikdigit) #4

wow. It’s cool that you want to do something for the community at large with it.
3D and Linux? hmm. one option would be to have a list of the softwares available to linux, with pros and contras, feature lists (very loose) or something of the sort. It would be cool to host sites for people who are good but beginners or who can’t afford it and are stuck with @#&%$ hosting sites with tons of adds and no external image linking.

(haunt_house) #5

Hi acasto

I cannot promise anything, but I make an education as a media-designer for Print and nonprint. The next months I´ll learn html, php, perl, javascript and so on. If you don´t do all this stuff by yourself, or if you have nobody else, I could be of some help.

if my schedule and my batteries allow it



(Riskbreaker) #6

I was thinking the same thing…well…sort of.

Why not make it a freelance thing, only net-based. get other users to join you and call it a freelance ring or something

i dunno, just an idea. I was gonna set one up, but i cant find one damn, #$%^, $#%^, #$%^@ site host.


(acasto) #7

sounds great, and thanks for the offer haunt_house, I’m could really use some help here in the near future.

(haunt_house) #8

Please keep in mind, that I start learning it TOMORROW. At the moment, you can take my html skills and put ´em in a matchbox (don´t care about taking the matches out). So if the near future is next saturday :frowning:

But I promise to listen carefully to my teacher. And database embedding is of course included.

Would be fun to be worth something