3D Widget - Tripod / spinner 2 zero

The Blender 3D widget/tripod I can’t find a graphical solution to lock 1 axis/limit to two axis.
3ds Max does have such extra handles on the 3D widget/tripod.

See the example attachment, additional handles on Move (grab) tripod in 3ds Max.

Is there such a solution?
(I am aware of the X, shift X, etc. axis constraints)

Similar, I miss the ability to one-click reset value fields.
Like Alt-G, but then for value fields everywhere.
3ds Max has i.e. RMB on spinners next to value fields, to reset these to the default value (being 0,1 or 100 mostly, depending on the field).

This speeds up workflow in many cases.
So far I found dragging, typing or in/decreasing per click.

Since Blender is >insert superlative here< optimized, has a great workflow, I almost can’t imagine it isn’t there, so if anyone knows how to find or realise this,… pls let me know! Thnx!


Locking one axis is done with Shift (shift X-Y-Z) during the transformation.

Oh sorry… didn’t read well… no there’s no “graphic solution/handle” for that

Great thnx for your reply!
Maybe there’s a way conding this, but I guess that’s only for the experienced?