3D Window (Grid & Other) Questions

  1. From the User Perspective/Orthographic window, why doesn’t the grid plane follow the View/Grid/Grid Division setting when you change it. Seems its always stuck at the default 10 grid divisions? In my other Top/Side/Front 3D windows sometimes I use the default, sometimes I use 12 divisions to represent inches, sometimes I use something else and they work when changed. I’m using grid snapping on by default so when I move an object in the 3D User window I can’t go by grid divisions. So right now I turned the grid plane off in that window.

  2. Why does my Top view 3D window act like it only has a certain depth of field? I have a mesh a bit over 8 Blender units high and if I move it vertically up and down, the top and bottom of the mesh model will be clipped from view and disappear! The other window views (Front , Side, and User) show it fine and in those the mesh is over 20 units wide!

  3. How do I get the face normals direction to show in the 3D windows? I’ve seen Blender screenshots with lines sticking out selected faces but I can’t find where to toggle it.


  1. Not sure
  2. Each view window has a clip that can be set - view…view properties start clip and end clip. Also, there is a separate clip that can be set for the camera.
  3. In edit mode, in the panel at the far right “Mesh Tools 1”, click on draw normals.

Best of Luck!

Thanks on the draw normals button. That is helpful.

I guess I will just ignore the grid plane divisions not changing on the 3D perspective view window.

[EDIT] Thanks, I also got the view clipping working the way I want now on top view.

To set the clip start and clip end, go to View>View Properties. For the camera, you do it in the Editing Context.