3d witch vs 2d background


Are all the trees and background 2d then? ANd the mushroom, is it a greasepencil animation? Looks really good.

Yeah. Everything beside the witch is basically flat.

How did you do witch’s outlines? Freestyle? Your shorts are always top-notch by the way.

Hey! Thanks! The lines were made with freestyle (pretty basic lineset - the only changes I’ve made was adding an along stroke modifier to thickness with “curve” mapping), and grease pencil. The grease pencil part was used on her face during the head turn. I drew it frame by frame, in surface painting mode so I just needed to draw 6 frames. The witch was walking in front of the camera, the angle was changing but there was no need to draw entire sequence frame by frame.

Freestyle takes way too long to render. I’m looking at the moment at ‘Line art’ build. It’s based on Grease pencil and real time rendering is a welcome change.