3d with 3d-glasses from the Engine

Hey, is it possible, and if so, could someone describe how to make artificial 3d with the game engine so that you could use red/blue glasses like you can with normal rendering?

thank you

Scene > Game Frame Settings > Anaglyph

thanks man, that´s awesome…do someone know if it is possible to get 3 viewports as well…I´m planning on using 3-projectors to make a kind of virtual “room”

could you explain more?

My plan is to use a three-screen setup with 3-different images generated by the GE, and combine it with the 3d-possibilities discussed earlier in the thread, so that there will be three screens with three different 3d-images. This will be used to make a “virtual-world”. My original plan to manage the pictures generated for the three screens was to use three cameras, one pointing forwards generating the middle-screen-image, one to the left generating the image for the left screen and one pointing to the right generating the right-screen image. The problem is that I do not know if it is possible, and how it would be possible to get three in-game pictures out of the GE at the same time.