3D Wolverine Claws Tracked onto hand

Hello there, I’ve modeled wovlerine’s claws using references from the origins film. The final clip will have the claws as rusted pieces of old, brittle metal.

This is just a track test, to see how good it all fits together, and I consider the texturing complete.




looks cool! didn’t know adamantium could get rusty! : )

Great work! He better keep those clean, I doubt rusty metal retracting into his arms would do him any good :wink:

I’d love to see a longer tracking shot - the one you have there works really well!

technically, adamantium does not rust at all. (the technicallity is that it is fictional). that’s something comic book geeks would have to say. but the texturing is pretty good. i prefer the non-rusty claws. nice job though!

that is fantastic! make sure you keep us posted with progress!

Fantastic job ! I’m just wolverine how you managed to achieve this effect … Did you use Icarus or Voodoo for tracking ? If so, is there an option to track a moving object without applying moves (and ipo) to the cam ?

@tmcintosh It reacts with air over a period of 40 years to create a rust-like adamantium oxide – my reasoning anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

@Serialsiner i used syntheyes for tracking, and syntheyes has an option to track an object instead of the camera, which is what i did. Then i imported it into Blender and parented the claws to the tracked object(my hand). I also made a rough model of my hand and arm as a mask.

@blndr08 Thats exactly the reason i’m making the claws so rusty, it doesn’t do him any good!

I’ll try to keep you all updated

Well done. The animation, with the tracking and the claws material, looks very convincing :yes:

This is a amasing job
but pleas tell us how do you do the traking!!!
What do we need, and are thier any Tutorials?

For those interested, since there arent many tuts for syntheyes and blender, vote in the poll, and i’ll go with the results. Closes in a week.

need at least 15 votes people…

I vote for non-rusty claws, but this rusty texture is very nice. Good job. :slight_smile: