3D Wooden Art Puzzles + Tutorial

I’ve always wanted to make those little 3D Wooden Puzzles in Blender, and once I found out how cool they look I decided to make a tutorial on the basic construct of the models along with the process on how to generate them from scans of the pieces. I uploaded the tutorial, ~20min, to youtube and I’ve included the link below. Here are some basic renders that I’ve created sofar:

  • Please enjoy/critique. Thank You!

Saying “This video has been removed because it is too long. Regular YouTube videos must be 10 minutes or less.”. Will you consider vimeo?

What? I had no idea youtube had a max time limit! I’ve seen hours of youtube videos before though! Like the crimson permanent assurance, that’s about 20 minutes long…

anyway, did you just intersect a bunch of extruded bezier objects?

I cant believe youtube… Vimeo all the way then… lets see if it will let me upload it now, sorry for that all


Finally, phew! Got it up

Nice tutorial displaying the synergy among Gimp, Inkscape and Blender!

These models are really cool, I love it!

You should make more detailed models. These are very simple.
BTW, I made more than year ago models alike yours: you can see it here: http://images27.fotosik.pl/204/8f234e87bc1ee3d4m.png


Finished a new model, a stegosaurus!


Let me know what you think : )

Can you please post some links to the website you got these off or a file of some kind (bitmap or vector), because i can’t find any plans on the internet :frowning:

btw. Very nice work

EDIT: Thank you for your tutorial, it helped me to make better looking renders aswell

wow…these models bring back some memories of my childhood…good times…

how are you texturing these? ambient occlusion

I can give you a link to the scans that I made in case anyone would want to emulate the tutorial with these models. I would love to see what you can come up with with all the scans.


Here is a blend with an oak texture I created - map it to Global - Glob and cube - from there adjust the size parameters until it is mapped correctly - larger numbers make smaller wood grain.

I had to compress the file to get it to upload try and unpack it - it shoudl work fine.


oak wood.blend (36.1 KB)

Thanks for the scans :slight_smile:

Very well done in that last render, Looks great