3D World Magazine

Why so expensive?!:eek: 60 pounds per year = 115 USD for 13 issues. Does anybody here get this magazine? If you do, can you tell me if it’s worth 115 bucks a year? http://www.3dworldmag.com/ I’m intrigued.

It’s ok. Not great though, imo. The price isn’t much though, less than £6 a mag.

Can you not get just one and see?

Buying one issue for me in the US is 10 pounds, which is $20 US. Not cheap for one magazine. I might try one if some other people think it’s worth it, but I wanted to find out what others thought first.

Try a different store.

This excerpt from an amazon.com review caught my attention, and seems like it might make the cost of the magazine worth it.

Best of all, every issue comes with a CD containing tons of free stuff (like models, textures and full versions of software, along with great demos of other software)

I got the one with elephant’s dream featured in it. It’s cool to have a magazine article in a major publication about ED. My name in the DVD credits, a magazine article about the project. This really makes me feel good about myself:) . Anyways, I did find several good things in there, but If you’r in the US, just go to Barns&Noble every now and then and look through the magazine and buy the occasional one that you want.

£49.99 for an annual subscription for me, seeing as I live in the UK


Much better taking out an annual subscription, no trailing around shops trying to get a copy, plus you get it earlier to!


No magazine is worth that much unless it’s going to do all the work for you.
You quoted Amazon.com earlier, of course there going to say something like that they want to sell more stuff. I never seen a a company tell something is crap but we will sell to you anyway.

3dWorld is “YAFPMS” (Yet another Future Publishing Money Spinner).
The magazine is ok but there is a hell of a lot of advertising in there. Future Publishing do all the *World magazines, everything from Linux World to Cross Stitch World and all with the same sort of prices.

My only gripe is the advertising thing. There is a lot of space in each issue that isn’t dedicated to 3d or tutorials. The content that is relevant is very good and it covers a lot of different applications with tutorials and reviews.
I only buy it when there is something that really interests me on there. Personally I wouldn’t feel it was worth subscribing as some issues offer only reasonable value for money.