3D World or 3D Artist magazine?

Where I live there are 2 magazines 3D World and 3D Artist both are excellent magazines but cost £6 each, I was wondering which one you guys prefer so I can maybe come to a decision as to which one to subscribe too.
Like, maybe you have noticed one of them has a tendency towards open source software?

Personally, i find 3D artist more interesting… But 3D world seems more industry-relevant.

I get both mainly for their cds. 3d Artist a few months ago had an extensive tutorial video on Blender fluids which I enjoyed but than again 3d world also had a nice one on hard surface modeling for 3dmax, though most of the stuff applies to Blender, from 3dtotal which is also available on vimeo but my internet sucks(<-its expensive as hell) so it was nice to not have to download a 900MB video. But if you had to force me to give up one I would get along fine without 3d Artist. I am biased on this because I have been reading 3D World a lot longer than 3d Artist.

I get both… don’t know which is best, love them both :cool:

…Did make a BIG mistake last week though… Let the wife look at them, now she won’t give them back…:ba:

@tyrant monkey, what edition was that? I was reading the stuff about Realflow 5 in the latest edition of 3D World and got really fired up about fluid sims, I am baking one now infact! So I am really interested that they had a feature about blender fluid but I just checked the back issues of 3D artist and I cant tell which issue it is, )http://www.3dartistonline.com/back_issues.php) Could you help me out?

I used to read 3D world but after a while I questioned why I was buying them, I enjoy reading forums such as CGtalk and looking around blogs from professional artists more than I did reading those magazines, of course there were the odd features that I just had to read, but usually they concentrated on things that I didn’t, and still don’t have much interest in.

@wagawagawoo it came with issue no 12 the one the over the top space ship on the cover

@tyrant monkey, Thank you, it looks as if they have muddled up the description of issue 11 and 12. I will order it today :smiley:

@Daniel8488 I think that is the exact reason I enjoy magazines, it teaches you about the industry as a whole and you learn things you wouldn’t normally go out searching for on the interwebs, admittedly it is more exciting when it is blender orientated though!

Dam it is out of stock.
Could you photocopy the page?
You don’t have to of course! it is a bit of an odd request!

If it’s out of stock and out of print then you could just get a torrent for that one file, I know it’s frowned upon, but hey if it’s not available to buy then quite frankly I think it’s perfectly acceptable.

…lol. Thanks Daniel.

I am not adverse to that behaviour :wink:
I cant seem to find a torrent though…I have asked on /r/ and /3/ and checked warezzbb and google. am I missing somewhere?