3DBuzz and Blender

I’ve been thinking:

Do any of you visit 3dbuzz?

Buzz does some great video training, and he’s looking for sponsors so he can put out free video training[which was his original idea for the site].

So I was thinking:

The Blender Foundation’s always looking for ways to promote Blender right?

And Buzz is looking for sponsors…[not the “Member Sponsors,” but companies(although member sponsors are great too :D]

So obviously any companie/Foundation that would sponsor him gets to have it’s pick of content–in this case Blender.

Buzz is a great guy and his crew puts out some AWESOME stuff.

I think Blender and 3dBuzz would be a great combo.

Does any of them know how to use Blender?

They know a lot of software; Maya, Max, Houdini…I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard for them to figure it out…especially if the Blender Foundation would be their prospective sponsors.

[I don’t know if they know; I’m guessing not, but I’m sure they know about it.]

Really, NONE of you are interested?! :eek:

Maybe Ton should found a movie studio on Blender…then sell the movies…then he could have Buzz make Blender training videos.

Did you know:

3DBuzz has over 200,000 members??

…That 3DBuzz has over 200 hours of free content on their site?

It would truly be incredible if the Blender Foundation got together with Buzz…

Did you know:

3DBuzz has over 200,000 members??

…That 3DBuzz has over 200 hours of free content on their site?

It would truly be incredible if the Blender Foundation got together with Buzz…

Maybe Ton should found a movie studio on Blender…then sell the movies…then he could have Buzz make Blender training videos.

It is funny you say that because I was just checking it out about 3 minutes ago.

Personally I really like the way Buzz has put together his work. It is great! Just worried that the funds needed to sponser him may be out of the BF’s reach.
I mean, if Buzz could put together some blender course and sell it like he has done with Maya, then I am sure he will get more than enough buyers to support his needs, let’s face it, most of the guys here would buy it just because it is based on blender (all hail blender). You said he has over 200,000 members, that is not too bad actually, I’ve been one for years, blender has how many users? Millions?

To me that looks like a pretty good marketing area, don’t you? even if he sold the training at a dollar a piece he would be sure to get enough money to support himself. :smiley:

:rolleyes:But what if they combined efforts; Buzz makes the vides, Blender Foundation sponses the making of them financally, and they both get a little
percentage after the training is sold, and costs have been taken out. Blender Foundation needs as much finacial support as it can get as well. So by doing it that way, everyone is a winner.

And we as the community reap the benefits of having professionally made training for beginners and Pros alike. Let’s face it, more and more people are using Blender ever since Elephants dream. And 3Dworld is giving blender a good plug recently, thus turning peoples attention to blender who were once ignorant of it’s existance.

I like your idea, maybe it should be thought over seriously.

Oops…sorry it’s taken me so long to see this :smiley:

I totally agree with you. :slight_smile:

It would solve the constant documentation problems.[that I used to complain a lot about :D]

If they do it, Blender could be a continual source of income for them[and BF] as it gets more and more feature rich.

Maybe you should PM me and we can have a brainstorming session :slight_smile:

I use 3D Buzz quite alot, actually. There is some Blender content on the forums, but nothing in the training vids. I’d love to see the two together. :slight_smile:

Alrighty then…let’s start brainstorming guys :slight_smile:

EDIT: Actually, before we do that, does anyone think a poll of the Blender Artists community would be a good idea?

Definately. A poll would highlight the need for this and hopefully give us something to show Buzz.

I also should clarify, I haven’t been to the forums in a while, but they ARE wonderful. Perhaps a poll on the Buzz forums would be in order as well?

Between these two user communities I can foresee alot getting accomplished and many new avenues for exchange of information.

Sounds like a plan :smiley: evil grin

Oh, what should I call the thread?:confused:

ARg!!! I can’t post a new thread for some reason:mad:

So you think Blender is underexposed and you want the Blender Foundation to pay Buzz to promote Blender? LOL. That’s really funny. Blender is way overexposed. What Blender needs is tons of money donated by thousands of users to speed up its development.

You know what I’ll be sending a dollar bill or two, or five whenever I get the chance to the Blender Foundation by snail mail. I figured sending little money by credit card is even more risky. Hope everyone will do the same thing.

@ 3Dabbler, Good you send that dollar.

Personally, I don’t agree 100% with the intial reasoning to the first thread to sponser buzz, he is a good man, and offers alot of free goodies, however I think if he has enough money to do all he does on his time off says to me he has enough to support himself!

But, the idea of having some professionally made video training starting from the first steps into blender right through to the guts of the program, as buzz has done for maya training, would definately be a step in the right direction for most blender users, even for the veteran users around here.

If some sort of agreement could be reached between the BF and buzz then that would be excellent, we would all benefit. But I think it will be highly unlikely. Still it would be good.

What would be better is to get someone who has a complete knowlegde of blenders in and outs to sit down and put together complete video training modules ( modules on renderings, texturing, modelling, etc.), from beginner to advanced users, using better than the averge video and sound quality, package it and put it on the blender shop for all of us to buy what we need when we need it and at the same time be supporting our dearly beloved blender app, and it’s developers, as well as the guys who gets the daunting task of putting together such an enormous task. I mean almost every other 3d package offers DVD training for a price on their online shops, and since blender is free, why not put together some DVD training that I am sure all of us at one time or another would purchase. Blender maybe free but training for it doesn’t have to be!
I have my old copy of blender 2.3 guide sitting right infront of me now, I would definately support the BF again if there was some further learning materials to benefit from.

But like you said, there is nothing from stopping any of us sending money to the BF to help pay for a team of developers to work fultime on blenders development. So you just send that dollar!

What this community needs are fundraisers. Not another site to teach Blender purportedly to promote it and woo more newcomers. But how many Blender users do we have to see just to prove it’s one big capable 3d package to contend with? Millions? Then what? Will the development of more sophisticated features follow? Customization? Advanced modeling? Animation? Interface changes?

I’d rather see users talk about how to contribute to Blender’s development. Since most are not interested in contributing any code to the app, their only real choice is to send any amount of money. For some reason, almost everyone is avoiding this kind of topic. What they call conferences are not even geared for such, except probably the one at the source country. I find this amazing to me. We’re not using our numbers.

just to let you know that i heard from 2 different french companies about to release BLENDER training DVD … in French… but one of them is likely to be translated and dubbed in english too.
this may be a start…