3DBuzz Video Training?

A while back I posted about the possibilities of 3Dbuzz and Blender getting together.

3Dbuzz was originally founded with the intent to provide free training trhough sponsorship of larger companies; for instance, say Adobe might sponsor them to put out Photoshop VTMs[Video Training Modules].

This dream never fully materialised, as they weren’t able to attract sponsorship.

Thus they had to start producing products for sale to stay alive.

Recently thought, they had a surge of activity thanks to a posting on Digg.com and are now doing free training again…this time free training for the Delphi IDE by Borland.

They have also recently passed the 200,000 member mark:eek:

They are an excellent company and if they could get together with Blender, I think that would be one awesome partnership.

SO, would you be willing to pay for Blender training from 3DBuzz?

They have a C++/OpenGL series for $150 right now, that I’m told is worth a LOT more…

Their Maya and Max training are $250.

The only obsticles I see though is that they might not be interested in Blender because it isn’t used a whole lot by professionals…not that it’s not capable of course.

Maybe it is; correct me if I’m wrong on that…?

If anyone from Blendernation sees this, could you maybe make this a news item so more people know about?