3DBUZZ video tutorials is free now. Some old stuff but it's free


You can read more about it on their homepage.

Also, for the begginers in 3D. There are many drawing tutorial. Yes, drawing makes good 3d. :+1:


It really is sad to see it gone. For those that don’t know, Jason (Buzz) Busby, the owner, passed away from cancer a few years back. And a year or so before then, Zak Parrish, one of the main trainers, left to work at Epic. The site declined since then.

3DBuzz was one of the greatest communities I had the pleasure of being a part of, going back to the days of dialup internet. Back then, they actually mailed out free CDs with their training vids. This was a time when YouTube didn’t exist, and streaming videos over the internet was unheard off.

Still to this day, there isn’t any video training content as well put together as 3DBuzz’s. They had a teacher/student style of training, where one person would teach and the other would ask questions that any student would.

Then there was the weekly radio show, where they’d do a live stream Q and A and chat with the community. This later became a live video show, all before Twitch and the like existed. Good times. Good memories. :slight_smile:


I actually pirated their training on 3ds max I think that was in the early 90 or something I was 16 maybe. I was in Egypt at the time . You really don’t pay for computer stuff in Egypt. I actually enjoyed there interaction and jokes, I watched it as entertainment as much as a tutorial, never really did anything with 3ds Max. I was to busy at the time… Buzz was Very funny and had a nice voice

Just searched to see if this news was posted yet. I bought Maya Fundamentals back in the day to use with a pirated version of Maya 6. I didn’t get through the whole series but they were fantastic videos that taught me a bunch of the basics about 3d. I just grabbed all their Houdini stuff as I was always curious but not enough so to lay out the cash and my piracy days were far behind me. I grabbed all of their Blender content too as I never got to see those.

I spent many many hours there when UT2K4 released and bought the special edition that came with something like 100 hours of video tutorials on modding Unreal. Watched all of those. The decline came in the last couple years Zak was there. The mood changed on the site and became sort of a cult of personality. If you said anything critical at all about any of the videos or the site they rode you out of town on a pole. Then Zak left. Then Buzz became an absentee landlord and spent all his time on his photography career. The site languished the last couple years he was alive and became a spam post pool after his death.

It was a great site back in the day and I would encourage anyone to check out their videos. I snagged the photoshop ones as well. There has just never been training as good as 3dBuzz.

EDIT: And OMG my eyes! The Houdini videos are very low res. Probably because they are older. May still be useful but painfully low res. I opened one of the much more recent Blender videos and it was much higher res. Just FYI.

Sad news indeed. I recall his first Max tutorials, which I purchased at the time. RIP Jason.

The Blender Viper MK VII modeling course is still quite nice. Older version of Blender is used - not sure which version exactly. Pre 2.8.

The art and drawing tutorials are rather terrible (no disrespect meant to the late Jason). It is what it is.

I recall watching tutorials for unreal engine 2 from Buzz. Great videos! Sad to hear he passed and that the website as it was has kicked the bucket. Happy to grab up some of that old content!

Sad news, I participated and learned a lot on their 3dmax forum 15 to 20 years ago.
Even did a 4 weeks 3dmax bootcamp training at their location. Was very nice to meet Jason and his wife in person and seeing the place were they created the legendary VTM’s. Some great memories of our class staying up late to finish an animation in time, or do so Unreal gaming against the Maya class. Great guy, sad news… time flies, we should enjoy the time we get!