3Dconnexion in Sculptmode


I have a few problems with the 3DConnexion Spacenavigator vs Blender.
It works great in general. Very intuitive, smooth and a delight to watch / work with!!
I installed it last week and used the latest drivers and Blender NDOF version

2 issues which i’ve encountered so far:

  • I cannot use the Spacenavigator in Sculpt mode. It works in every mode: object, edit, UV Face, Paint, except for sculpt mode.

  • Sometimes I cannot fly any further forward.
    When I want to get close to an object (zoom in) it suddenly stops and I cannot get any closer. It’s just like there is an invisible wall which prevents me from getting closer to the object!

Does anyone encounter the same problems? Is there something I can do about it?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,