3dconnexion motion controller

got my copntroller today! woot

wow this is awesome, although it seems to be a bit too sensitive (like it jumps too far, it doesnt really moves smoothly on the left/right up/down movment) all the other axis and zoom is amazing though

do u think its possible to make it more costumizable?? or like is their source code with that special version of blender??

and what will we do once 2.43 comes out???

so many questions…

but yeah, all in all its an amazing product


There are setting in the view controls and I turn the pan way down. Also changing the mode to pan and local view instead of gobal will help you not get lost. Try those.

I would love it to control the camera and be able to record the movement. And maybe objects and in sculpt mode.

For now we will need to make builds with the patch. I haven’t got builds working for me need to fix it. And then learn to get the patch to work with it.

thanks for the direction witht he panning etc. i didnt this and now everything works perfectly (have pan around 20 - works like a charm)

I would love it to control the camera and be able to record the movement. And maybe objects and in sculpt mode.

my thoughts exactly, especially in scult mode, the 3d motion controller would work really great!

has anyone else’s 3d navigator stopped working??

blender just had a horrible accident and jsut died, now i can no longer us my controller:S

mine still works with the build that was built for it. I hope to start making builds for the space controller once I get the hang of patching. I am going to start with particles patch first though. I got building working plain though. Had a bad hang where blender won’t even load on other versions using the particle system patch the other day. But once I rebooted all was fine

got it to work again

turns out the driver had a fatal error:S i think its time to upgrade my system by a little bit

but yeah

Hi all,

Have been playing alot trying to get my Spaceball 3003C working to no avail. :no:

Which version of 3dconnexion drivers are you guys using?



i think its version 3 or something, the newest one hmm has anyone noticed that in vista the driver freezes? (or might be becaues i still use the beta:P, hope to get some money soon for the retail) every time i try to configure it it 3dware jsut stops responding. anyway just wodnering if anyone knows of a 2.43 release with the space ball patch already installed or how do you add the patch alone? -i have done a lot programming, and modifying source code, but i never applied a patch also, there is a .plug file, i tired to jsut copy it into the plugin folder of blender, but that didnt work any ideas?

Hello BlendMaster,

I found the following tutorials excellent for both compiling from Blender sources and the
patching process:


With regards the patching you wish to perform I believe you need to patch a clean
blender source tree and compile using the Release option in Visual C++ 2005 Express.

Seperately compile the NDOF plugin using the 3DConnection SDK using Release
option in Visual C++ 2005 Express.

Place the plugin in the newly compiled blender directory and with the 3DConnection
drivers installed in Windows you should be laughing.

Hope this helps you. It did not help me as I have a Spaceball 3003C Serial device
which is no longer supported by the drivers and SDK… Deep joy.



Many thanks go to geneome for the excellent tutorials.

I found this software which might help called VR Juggler.


They say:

Gadgeteer currently supports the following devices:

  •  3Dconnexion SpaceMouse, SpaceBall 5000, SpaceMouse Plus XT, SpaceBall     2003B, and SpaceBall 4000 FLX

I’m hoping to get my spaceball 3003C working with blender on windows. I remember 2002 and 3003 being able to use the same driver, so this gives me hope. Unfortunately I’m no programmer, but hopefully someone who understands these things can check it out. It looks very promising to me.

did anyone get it to patch correctly with 2.43 release?

i tired and tried but cant get it to work:S hmm

anyone got a patched version they could share with the rest of us? plz?

alright, i tried again

this time its even worse…now blender doesnt want to compile:S urg…hmm i must be doing something wrong…this weekend i shall try again and c if i get it to work

I found a mouse/keyboard/joystick binding driver called RBC9-SpaceNav. It’s listed on the 3dConnexion forum; search for RBC9. It installed easy on Windows 2003. It looks complete and well written. You have to manually install the driver on the HID device in Device Manager. The installations instructions are clear on this.
Now I need to figure out the key bindings for Blender.
Well, it works, but moving the view by key binding injection is less than desirable. I may try setting it up to control Camera Fly Mode. That should provide smoother translations and rotations.
Also I notice that the view movements are relative to the computer window (camera) into the scene. Panning up scrolls the screen up instead of the scene. I think I would prefer that pan translates the scene regardless of the view tilt.
I think having a proper interface driver is the way to go. Does anybody have news on 2.43 patch, etc.?

Patched 2.43 release with patch version downloaded from http://lecocqguillaume.chez-alice.fr/www/temp/ndof_test.patch . I had to remove the double lines at the tail end of the file. I could probably remove the initial ‘?’ lines too. No other changes.
It patches, compiles, and runs well (windows, vc2005).
I don’t think the axis are set up correctly, at least not for me. I could alter the configuration in the 3Dx driver, but will prefer to change the blender code. I’ll probably add non-linear acceleration and buttons for switching between view and object trans/rot, etc…
Next I’ll try patching the 2.44 RC when svn is up.
How can we get this patch committed to cvsroot? Ghost module maintainer?

How can we get this patch committed to cvsroot? Ghost module maintainer?
There’s a license confict due to which the patch cannot be committed. You can find more information about this at https://projects.blender.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=3688&group_id=9&atid=127 .

I now have a patch version that applies clean to 2.44 and compiles. The user interface scale adjustment buttons are in the same location as the new smooth adjustment so that needs to be fixed.
I’ve read the discussion between lukep and sapprentice. I don’t see a licensing issue here. The patch to blender tree does not require reference to any propritory code or library and is GPL. The patch is a stub for the plugin. If the plugin is present, the NDOF controller is functional. This could be a 3dConnexion Space Navigator, joystick, or other device depending on the plugin (like a VR glove that can grab and move objects or verticies?). If no plugin is present, Blender functions happily without it. This should be a part of the 2.50 refactoring at least.
The plugin is not GPL as it references 3dConnixon headers and libraries. Users of NDOF devices will already have the base libraries as these come with the device on CD. The plugin would have to be acquired from elsewhere. When Blender is patched to support NDOF, we can ask 3dconnexion to make the plugin available to their customers. They appear willing to support this community.
So, patch is GPL. If you think it isn’t, can you be specific on exactly why?

You don’t need to convince me. Convince lukep. :slight_smile: I just got that impression from the discussion at patch. I am not a lawyer. We don’t want Blender Foundation to get sued of course.

I do appreciate that your question offered me the opportunity to form a defense for this patch. I was thinking this is a Ghost module patch and should contact Maarten Gribnau or Wouter van Heyst.

hey everyone!

alright so for everyone that has been waiting for a patched version of 2.44, ill write my last exam on monday, then will start the patching and make the resulting build avaiable for download;)


That would be very kind of you !!! Can’t wait to try this baby with Blender…