3dconnexion Space Navigator 3D mouse (ndof or N-dof) in Blender 2.5x

Hi all,

In Blender 2.49b, there pops a couple of icons when I connect my device, and I can set dominant axis and also can easily switch the mode from navigation to object manipulation.

I don’t see these icons appearing in 2.5x, and I couldn’t find the way of switching to the object manipulation mode. Is this not possible yet in 2.5x, or if possible, how can I do so?

As a future feature request/suggestion, it may be nice if the right button can be set to change the navigation mode, as the left button already opens the NDOF menu.


Hi again,

Thirty-something views and no replies? Does this mean that I cannot use my SpaceNavigator to rotate objects in Blender 2.5x?


Have you read the other threads on these forums discussing the use of a 3dconnexion 3d mouse in 2.59 ?

Yes, I did a search and read the ones that came up. Nothing about switching to object manipulation mode in the ones I read. If I missed one that does, would you be so kind to send me the link to it?

ok, since there are no replies to my previous message, I guess such a thread does not exist.

Can someone at least confirm that this functionality (object manipulation with a 3D mouse) doesn’t exist, so that, I will stop looking for a way to do it and just wait for an updated release?

BTW, if this really is the case, I just would like to say that when a “new and improved” updated version of a software comes out, and it does not include a functionality that the previous version had, it baffles me. Then again, I am aware of the fact that this is not a commercial product, and built by volunteers on their spare time, so I should cut some slack. Still, it’d be nice to be able to do what I could do in the “old” version also in the new one.


This hasn’t been fixed yet?!
Sorry to necro this thread, but this problem still exists. If anyone figures out a way to manipulate objects using NDOF, I would like to know!