3Dconnexion SpaceNaigator...

Is there a current build of Blender for use with the SpaceNavigator. The most current one that I saw was in August.

Is anyone using this device with Blender and does it work for you. Is it an improvement in your Blender work flow? is it buggy? or does it work well for you?

Also will The newest versions of Blender (i.e. 2.46 and 2.5) be adapted to work with the SpaceNavigator.

I use a Mac and I have read that the SpaceNavigator does not have much support for the Mac. But it looks like an interesting device that may work well with Blender and maybe soon other Mac apps in the future.

Any input would be great.



I use the 3dconnexion august build 244.2, I did not find any newer one.
I find the speed rotation a bit slow, even with the speed settings maxxed out in the blender options panel.
I have to increase the device speed in the spacenavigator settings and it becomes too fast for other applications.

I have also noticed that when you set your zoom to up and down, the rotation axis does not work anymore, you have to tilt to rotate the view instead.

Otherwise it works great and it’s a great tool. :yes: