3de Person Mouselook System

I was wondering if it is possible to make a 3de person mouselook system without using motion actuators or ipo actuators and telling the mesh that it must rotate at -10 force in z axis(I don’t like that method). Is it possible to make it as easy as creating a first person game.

thanks in advance

You could try a first person mouselook system and set the camera above the player.

That could work but then I’d have to give the camera a track to the player and that the camera moves around the object facing it. Could that work?

You could set it up using actions the same way you would use an ipo curve. Make a new action of the character bending from aiming down to aiming up. Then have the mouselook script change the value of an integer property, and then play the action based on that property.

Yes that sounds lika a good idea. I’ll try that Magnum. THx

Heya! I cannibalized -> THIS <- out of some file I had. It should help greatly, although this is only for the camera movement :stuck_out_tongue:
Not an actual system if you think about it. Good enough for starters at least XD