3Delight 1.0 Beta is out!


for those who are interested in the renderman-renderer 3Delight, here’s an update and the message the developing team send out into the world:

"A beta release of 3Delight version 1.0 is now available for download
at http://www.3delight.com. It incorporates the following improvements:

  • Primitives - Subdivision surfaces are now supported. Trim curves
    are now fully supported by the ray-tracer. Also, the “facevarying”
    variable class is now supported. Finally, it is now possible to
    attach u, v varyings to polygons (as well as other geometries).

  • Memory - Memory usage has been reduced significantly. In some cases,
    scenes that required 200MB now require about 50MB of memory.

  • Motion Blur - 3Delight now implements the GeomtricApproximation
    “motion” attributes which accelerates motion blur rendering.

  • Ray-Tracing - 3Delight’s ray-tracer speed has been greatly improved
    for polygonal (or other planar) geometries. A tenfold speed increase
    has been achieved.

  • Global Illumination - Two new functions are now available in the
    shading langage for Global Illumination: “occlusion” and “indirect-
    diffuse”. The first one for Ambient Occlusion computation. The second
    one for calculation of diffuse-to-diffuse indirect light transport
    and to simulate effects such as color bleeding. It can also be used
    with HDRI (High Dynamic Range Images) as environment maps.

  • Deep Shadow Maps - The file format has changed and is now compatible
    across multiple platforms. We have also added an option to the DSM
    display driver to disable “mipmap”. Finally, we have improved speed
    at the consultation phase.

  • Textures - A new very high quality texture alghorithm has been
    implemented (without speed trade-off). Part of the quality
    improvement comes from the texture preparation/optimisation tool
    (tdlmake). So, to get full benefit, users should pre-process again
    their textures using “tdlmake”. Note that the efficiency of the
    “tdlmake” tool have also been improved significantly: for very
    high resolution textures such as 16K x 16K, the gain is more than
    tenfold in speed and uses only 6MB instead of 512MB of memory.

  • Filtering - Filtering speed and quality has been improved. For low
    complexity scenes, with high oversampling (pixelsamples) and wide
    filters (filterwidth), we have mesured gains up to 20%.

  • JPEG - 3Delight’s texture preparation/optimisation tool (tdlmake)
    now accepts image in JPEG format.

  • TIFF - 3Delight’s TIFF display driver now supports output of 16 and
    32 bits (IEEE floating point) per sample.

  • Shader Compiler - 3Delight’s shader compiler incorporates many small
    improvements that make it more friendly to programmers: warnings on
    uninitialized variables, more precise error reports, no more complains
    when “extern” variables are not declared as such and some typecasting
    and promotion problems are solved. Also, some limitations were lifted:
    array indices are no longer restricted to be uniform and DSOs can now
    incorporate more than one shaderops. Finally, “__nondiffuse” and
    “__nospecular” inside light shaders are now correctly interpreted by
    diffuse(), specular() and phong(). IMPORTANT NOTE: this new release
    of 3Delight requires shaders to be recompiled.

  • RenderFarm - 3Delight now offers a unique feature to automatically
    cache texture files on the rendering servers local hard drive. The
    important benefits in large renderfarm applications are to signifi-
    cantly reduce network traffic as well as file server load.

  • Other noteworthy changes:
    . textureinfo() is now fully functional. The following fields are now
    accessible: projection matrix and resolution.
    . In the previous version, the “zfile” display driver directly
    created a “shadowmap” file. Now, for compatibility reasons, the
    “zfile” display driver creates a “zfile” file (pretty much raw
    depth values) compatible with RiShadowMake to create a “shadowmap”
    file. The “shadowmap” display driver continues to directly create
    a “shadowmap” file.

Even though this is a beta release, we feel it is very stable given the
feedbacks we have received from a limited pre-release over the past few
weeks. If you experience any problems, let us know as soon as possible.

The 3Delight Team.

ps: Ray tracer speed will be further improved in the final 1.0.0 release."


Sounds great, but you know this could’ve gone in Elysiun Chat, rather than Off-Topic, right?


cool news thanks. I’m beginning to consider 3delight as a candidate renderer for my next project.