3Delight and Blender Rendering Black Screen

Okay so I’ve been trying to mess around with 3Delight for blender found here http://mattebb.com/3delightblender/ and I have everything set up and followed all the instructions, and the preview works, but whenever I try to render all I get is a black screen


Also I checked out the console and I keep getting the message:

DDS: trying to read beyond end of stream <corrupt file?> IMB_ibImageFromMemory: unknown fileformat <C:\ Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.62\scripts\addons\render_3delight\preview\preview.tiff>
3DL INFO R2093: object 'Preview' <displacement 'null', surface 'brick'> used only 3% of its displacement bound

I will admit that I have no idea what any of that means right now, and if it will help I’m currently using blender 2.62, and running everything on Windows Vista 32bit

Thank you for any help.

What you are experiencing is the API bug that occurred in the 3Delight exporter script when the internal Matrix was changed by the developers for 2.6.2. The 3Delight script has not been updated yet for 2.6.2 (unless you use my patch found in the 3Delight thread under Python Release Scripts). The easiest solution is to use Blender 2.6.1. Essentially what is happening is the lights and camera are all pointing the wrong way because of bad math calculations thus black output. This is a result of the matrix change to the API. The preview shows up fine because it is located at world origin.