maybe you have noticed great news bout Matt Ebb’s new addon. 3Delight external render engine exporter for Blender 2.5. More details here:


3Delight is great and fast renderman compliant render. Used for example in Harry Potter or X-men films. Moreover it is free even for commercial use (with some little limitations).

Unfortunately I have problems to apply addon and it (Windows 7). What are your experiences?

I had no luck getting it working in Windows 7 64 bit. Followed the directions to the letter. I’m going to try on my Macbook pro next. I know that’s what Matt uses so it’s possible it might work more reliably.

Works fine here on WinXP. I haven’t read up much on how to use it yet, but it looks pretty good. Would be even better if it were officially supported by the 3Delight folks!

After updating it to 0.51, it works perfectly (Windows 7). Just follow the instructions, and everything will work fine

Can you tell me exactly what file in 3delight you have Blender directed to, I can’t get it to work at all in xp (Matt Ebbs exporter) I dont know what file in the 3delight directory to have Blender Directed to for the render, I would appreciate if you could tell me. Thank you.

I have the same problem ( a little note: in the lastest build from graphicall there is an import error at line 45 in init.py)

MY first tests with 3Delight where rather painful (Pixels3d - all textures to redo), due to my lack of understanding of texturing arcanes… Now, i downloaded the 0.51 version and i should drop the render_3delight into a “Addons” folder. The only folder i can see within the Blender app. is “Plugins”. Is “Addons” and “Plugins” the same, or have i to “create” a new folder, called “addon” or “addons”, into the main Blender folder? :o

2.56/scripts …

Anyway cant get it work on xp64, cannot even enable the addon since recent builds.

I installed 3delight with all the environment variables, so everything works automatically without the need to set paths manually. All i did was place the render_3delight folder inside 2.56\scripts\addons</b>. If it doesn’t work, you could try to set the paths manually through the render panel in blender after you switch the renderer to 3Delight - there is a section called “Search paths” where you can set about 5 paths for program folder, renderer path, shader compiler etc.

works fine here on OS X and I am excited to see how well he has implemented access to the engine.

You still need to code the shades for custom models but that is a given with reyes engines anyway.

I haven’t tried this yet, but will get around to it at some stage.

Same problem here (Win7 64bit)

I put it in 2.56/scripts/io and it appears in the render menu of blender 2.56a, actual svn don´t work.
But I can´t get 3delight to work. :frowning:

Cheers mib

The script was recently updated to 0.5.1 and that seemed to fix a lot of windows problems. Also I vaquely remember at least one version I downloaded had a 3delight folder inside a 3delight folder where there should only be one, i.e addons/3delight, and not addons/3delight/3delight. Also check the relevant threads, blender nation and matt’s page as there is mention of the script only working with certain revisions of blender. I should add though that the script is very basic.

Hello ! I looks like very interesting Matt !

the addon works for me (windows xp) with build r34626. But i have an error next:

export dir: C:\DOCUME~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\renderman
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\1700_B~1.56_\2.56\scripts\addons\render_3delight\render.py”, line 166
9, in render
File “C:\1700_B~1.56
\2.56\scripts\addons\render_3delight\render.py”, line 159
3, in _export
write_rib(self.paths, self.passinfo, scene, info_callback)
File “C:\1700_B~1.56
\2.56\scripts\addons\render_3delight\render.py”, line 149
6, in write_rib
export_camera(file, scene, motion)
File “C:\1700_B~1.56
\2.56\scripts\addons\render_3delight\render.py”, line 117
8, in export_camera
loc = mat.to_translation()
AttributeError: ‘mathutils.Matrix’ object has no attribute ‘to_translation’

Thanks for dev this addon Matt !! :slight_smile:

I get the same exact error and a black render screen : ( Apparently my reply is not long enough so I am typing this (Please Disregard)

i wonder how many people read the readme included in the archive ?

Ok. So when opening the 2.55 or 2.56 folder of the builds i use, there is only a “plugins” folder. Following what you write, may i just add an new empty “scripts” folder on the first Blender level and then, inside this “scripts” folder add an “addons” folder to drop the 3Delight file? (Would be blender>scripts>addons>render_3delight)… :eek: :confused:

Ok, that’s weird - why would these folders be missing? It’s where all the .py files for the UI are located, not to mention a lot of other important stuff that blender shouldn’t work without them… Also you can’t really use 2.55 or 2.56a with the plugin, you need one of the latest graphicall builds (newer than r34664), otherwise it wont work!

Try downloading a graphicall build and extracting somewhere - the folders should be in their respectful places.

For the record, im using r34694

As you are on a Mac, the scripts folder is in the blender.app itself. Just show its package contents and go to the Contents/MacOS/2.56/scripts folder.