3delight render - is it still available ?

last year, I had tried 3delight renderer without success, for several reasons : Difficulties to export from Blender, weak computer…
A new version of Rib Mosaic exporter (RenderMan compliant interface) has been recently released, and I have just purchased a fast quad core computer, so I decided to do an other trial with 3delight.
Last week I have asked for a free licence on 3delight website, but I got no response.
Thinking first that it was because I had already got a free licence last year, I decided to explain that I had changed my computer and else…
I have tried to send them an e-mail, and I got a delivery failure message : not a valid adress.
I have had the same result with all available e-mail adress displayed on 3delight pages…
Do you know if 3delight renderer is still in developpement and if they still offer free licences on request ?
Thank you in advance.

3Delight is still under development, of course. Its last release was in November, and the site continues to be updated.

Not sure about the license thing…did you follow the whole download-hostid-license thing correctly? You can request a (new) free one for the new computer through the usual process.

Not sure how the whole thing works, as I haven’t tried it in years, but it should be okay to obtain the license again if you got a new computer.

yes, I have done the registering process correctly, but even their e-mail adress seems to be dead…

I’ve had similar problems with them also, the licenses they issue are only temporary and have to be renewed. Because I do alot of testing with 3Delight I have found several solutions:

  1. Keep bothering them and maybe try emailing them until you get a response.
  2. If you have a different computer try getting a license for that one instead.
  3. You didn’t hear this from me but you can roll your clock back to when the license was valid and make it work without a water mark (since this is free to use non-commercially I don’t think this is AS illegal a hacking it… I hope).

Anyway I’ve used 3Delight on 4 different computers over this last year and some always renew with no problems but one I can’t get a new license for it no matter what I do. I’m not sure but I think they are actually reviewed by a human and not automated.

Hope that helps!