3dementia,new site!!!

(rixtr66) #1

finally got my new site up and running.a major accomplishment for me since i knew nothing about html!thanx to all those that helped and gramps,for the encouragement.the splash page is a little slow,but the rest of the site is much much faster than my old site.
give it look see and tell me what you think,good bad ugly,i can take it!!
thanx to acasto and iptic.com!



(Angelo) #2

Nice website .
Beautiful images in the image gallery ! .

(joecool) #3

Nice site man, I love your gallery. I’ll always love that cobra you did. I remember it clear back on the old forums.
Good Job

(pofo) #4

Looks good :slight_smile:

Lots of great pictures in the gallery.

  1. pofo

(S68) #5

cool site, your work stuns me every time I see them.


(shadowman99) #6

Holy crap! Your cars are unbelievable! Have you posted any tutorials? I’d love to see some of your tricks.

(Xampersand) #7

Pure quality! Excellent work, especially your cars.

Keep it up!

(basse) #8

ok, I’ll give you some crits because nobody else seem to dare to do so :slight_smile: (before I start, let’s make clear, that I too like your cars, heh)

  • on your main page, you seem to have a table in it. with only one cell… and visible borders, why is that?

  • background is mainly black, that is very much used color… and can work… but you should add some sort of form to the page, that keeps it more together, you know… body… something to more separate navigation items, headers, etc from the main document… now it’s just objects floating on black.

  • maybe some art under logo and navi? or to top left corner?

  • text on navigation buttons seem to jump up and side when mouse-over occurs. especially on “home” button.

  • when you select a picture for closer view, the main-theme of blue-black kind of disappears… instead there is huge white box :slight_smile: maybe some style there…

well that’s it…


(Andy Goralczyk) #9

great site, i really love your gallery :o
[by the way, thx for linking to my site :D, i gonna link you when i’m updating my link page]