3dementia's Sketches-Art-Update-Sep 29 '11

Quick girl sketch. Used lots of references for various parts of the face. I may develop this more.


I hope you dont mind me critiqing your work.It looks flat, darken around the eyes and shade the left or right side of the face to give it a sence of depth also make eyes smaller. the things that are further away are usualy suposed to be darker and closer up lighter.

I don’t mind at all! Thanks for the input, it does indeed look flat. I will work on that right now ;).

Little more work, trying to work with value…hard.


Good start. Keep it up!

Maybe you’re doing this (maybe you’re not)… I assume you’re using a tablet on a PC, I’m also assuming some program such as GIMP that supports layer.

Just like in Blender (somewhat), make sure in your lowest layer you’re using a 50-80% grey and sketching in your basic proportions first with basic shapes (oval for head, line down center of face, etc and/or sketching your perspective lines). Then on your next layer up use black to refine (go over the top of your shapes), and this would be the layer we are seeing now.

Anyways, just like in Blender, the better you set your foundation in, the easier it is to fill in details as you go and the better it will come through when filling in details.

Good start though… I can’t even use the tablet for poo, still pencils, paper and scanner for me. As ben said, keep it up and keep going!

Thanks guys! Ben your thread and Michael W’s are the reason I am even trying this.

@ Quandtum yes I am using a tablet, I’ve got a little baby sized Wacom. I am still better with a pencil too, but I have trouble with perspective, so the ability to move things and resize is invaluable to me. I did start this one on grey, next time I will probably start darker. And I didn’t construct the drawing at all, just started straight in with hard lines, I will take your advice next time.

I may keep working on this girl, but I think that I need to start a new one. I am trying to do character concepts, and I need to improve my skill to a point where I am able to achieve what is actually in my head, not just what eventually comes out. At this point, I am still struggling to even make it look like something…

If you are just starting, try to do more simple exercises before going to work directly on figure drawing, which is a complex thing. For example, practice the tonal scale with whatever tool you’re using: tablet or pencil. When you master that basic exercise on tones, apply what you learn to basic shapes, as Quandtum says.

As for the girl above, if your intention was to make a realistic drawing, have in mind that in general the eyes are separated by a space equal to the width of one of the eyes when drawing the face from a front view. If you are using a reference or model when drawing, take the time to observe it for a moment before you put your pencil to work. Try to identify relationships between features: space, width, height, etc. And when you start to draw, don’t forget to keep looking at the subject as much as you can, otherwise it is very posible that you will start drawing from memory and start to draw things as you remember them and not as they actually are (like the eyes of the girl in your drawing)

Just my humble opinion :slight_smile:

Have fun and keep drawing!

Here it is a stiky thread with tutorial books , go there and get all the books and learn from them.

If you start like this you head the wrrong way , been there and I know it :wink: if you check my thread you will see what I say.

:wink: Have fun!

@ Sirgazil -I am still learning, though not just starting. Thank you for your advice! I agree she is not very realistic, I am not necessarily trying for absolute realism though either. Today I have been experimenting with a more anime style, and I like it better than what I did yesterday.

@ Numarul7 -Thanks for commenting, I will follow the tuts.

Here is a more stylized anime/manga girl. I am trying to find my style, I think I like this better, even though it is simplistic. I did this with a pencil :).

Next I think I’ll try drawing her from a side view, then…3/4. I will probably keep going with this character and develop her further. Like I said before I am trying to produce better concept art and character references for my 3d work.


This one is better :slight_smile: The head position and the style are more clear.

I keep prefering pencil over tablet because I find it easier to control presure, which seems to work incorrectly in my system.

I’m trying to get better in character design too and still deciding if I should buy Chaos & Evolutions or one of the DVDs of The Gnomon Workshop on that subject.

Keep it up!

Nice Work, head looks a lot better.

Thanks for your kind words.

Here is an update on the sketch done in Inkscape.

And a cube and sphere for study and practice. (So you guys know I’m trying the basic tutorials ;))


The sphere you have drawn there looks mighty sexy. The shading looks pretty good, but i think to give it a more rounded look maybe make the back a little darker.
Great work so far bro and dont give up!

Thanks a bunch man.
I won’t stop till I’m good.

Here is a quick one, little frustrated with the jawline and the shoes. I’m thinking of taking it into Inkscape so I can refine the line art. Then maybe back to gimp to give it some color.


I think it looks better with the cartoon-style. Develop it to be a cartoon character and not a realistic one (like the first photo)

Thanks for commenting zazizizou, I have to agree with you.

Trying some basic shading, worked on cleaning up the lines a little more in Gimp.

I have to say that when trying to refine the lines, I am so tempted to open Inkscape!
But I want to steady my hand, so I keep scratching on the tablet.


That is looking really good, better then anything I could do with my Wacom.
For your jaw problem, I drew over the face with some red lines. I’m not good at drawing faces very well so it might not come as much help.
One thing that bothers me about your drawing is the girls lips. They look too far over, the trace over i did should help point it out. I hope it helps

Also I would learn to draw free hand instead of using Incscape. I have never used that program before so I don’t know what it is like. Learning to get the feel of your wacom is nice to learn :D. I think maybe some practice with pencil and paper might help out too.

But seriously dude you have some skill, one day you’ll be uber pro! hehe


Thanks man! That’s a very nice compliment, I won’t let it go to my head.

I have been attempting a male character, just a quick sketch at this point. Proportions of a full body are so hard.

{-Goes off to study anatomy-}