3dExport, CGTrader or Turbosquid?

So I have looking around for past couple of days trying to decide on the best place to sell my 3d models and have been able to narrow it down to just three websites, 3dExport, CGTrader, and Turbosquid. However, all three of these websites seem to have some kind of large problem.

With Turbosquid, the royalties are a measly 40% unless you sign up for their exclusivity program, which heavily limits my options. But the benefit of Turbosquid is that they have much more traffic then any other 3d selling site.

CgTrader seemed like it was a good idea because they give 70% royalties starting, and upwards of 90% royalties when you sell more models. But their main problem is that they require a lot of personal information.

Then there is 3dExport. I have heard this site recommended before because of its good royalties, decent size, and pleasing interface. Looking around however, it doesn’t like it has a whole lot of traffic. Not only that, but its forums seem almost dead.

So I wanted to ask everyone what your personal experiences with these websites are, and which websites you would most recommend.

Sell on all of them. It’s the only way 3D artists can compete online.

To answer your question: I’ve found Cgtrader is the best, but I still get sales on other sites. Cgtrader and turbosquid are the big ones in the industry, every other site has low traffic compared to those two. Turbosquid also has horrible royalty rates even with their exclusive program (which doesn’t allow you to sell anywhere else).

Still, sell on all of them. It’s the best chance to make more money. And try to follow the markets to make high selling items (space items, science items, rigged animals, rigged characters, low poly assets, pbr assets, etc.)

I was looking at Cgtrader and did like it because of its large traffic and good royalties, but I’m not comfortable with selling on there because from what I have heard they ask for quite a bit of personal information. Could you tell me the specifics of what it is they ask for?