3DGURU quits Graphics :(

Hi , sorry , i have to make myself free from this whole mess , Graphics isn’t my cup of tea anymore :frowning: , not for ever , i will be concentrating on my profession "Mechatronics Engineering " , i don’t know what to say , i will be here usually , whenever i can …

but in OffTopic and sometimes at the Game Engine subforum for helping purpose , i might have some new graphical activities whenever a new blender pops up on our faces LOL :smiley: , but in general , i will not be immersed in graphics like before …

i have a very big dream , i will not give up , i will try my best , i will donate my whole time for my dream , after getting the laptop , my life changed …

i became more organised and logical as far as i can notice after getting the laptop ,

so what is my dream ? , ok , i want to make a device , electronic device , i want to know everything !! , everything related to creating a device , in the statics course , i got a [C-] ,
:frowning: , it’s all because of Graphics , it’s too time-consuming it distracted me from , it’s a whole field , also , i think i am more talented in my university profession , i Python from time to time these days and play chess , and play little PSP , i’m trying to donate my time for my field at the moment .

my last interests were
Graphics and Modelling , Game Programming , Playing Games , Internet Surfing , studying little minutes before going to sleep , and ZZzzz
my interests now
Studying , Having some various activities as Swiming , Pythoning , Wikipedia-ing .
and also , i broke up with my last girlfriend due to a lot of non-very good attitudes [ wow , attitude , that’s a scientific word !! :smiley: ] , yeah , so i really want to impress my new one …

PS :- i keep asking myself why have i registred with capital-lettred ID , it’s annoying , LOL …

waiting for your opinions , thanks and regards .

Hi 3D Guru. I think you can continue as a hobby with graphics. Dont’ make it main job. In the free time, you can relax your mind. See me, Whole day busy with Linux, Php, mySQL, in the night Blender.

It is always good to take a step back and take a look at what you are doing with your life before it is too late. It is a good thing decided on this since it would prove and solidify your desire to work with “Mechatronics Engineering”.

I had done the same thing with computer science and culinary before. If I had not chosen to take a step back and focus on my real desire (possibly 3D animation and graphic design), I probably be working on a job that I thought I wanted but still can’t be happy with it.

Good luck with your choices :slight_smile:

Quick, find a way to rekindle his interest in graphics.

You can still do it on the side, nothing wrong with that, but we have no absolute control over your interests.

i’m having the same problem… blender is distracting me from my computer engineering studies :frowning:
i can’t leave blender, it’s my passion, but it won’t pay my bills, at least not in the near future.

it’s hard to figure out what you wanna do with your life at an early age. especially if you didn’t have enough resources to help you decide… it’s too late to go back now since i already got 2 certificate and this is gonna be the third… i just hope no one goes through what i’m going through, it’s tough to do something you don’t love for living, because you always wanna go back to doing what you love…

First, you are not in school anymore. Don’t expect to always get good grades.
Second. If you ignore other things that you enjoy you will get even lower grades, you will get tired.

Third. Don’t blame “graphics” for your success or lack of success. If you can’t focus, you will find other things to distract you. More important. Is “mechatronics” really you “dream”? You shouldn’t get so easily distracted.
There is nothing wrong in making a wrong choice an starting over again.
A short story…
I took Computer Science. More than half of the students find out, in the 2 first years, that it was NOT what they wanted, and they start all over again. But this time, in a course they enjoy.

Attitude is not a scientific word
And last… is it worth doing something just to impress somebody else?

Before someone accuse me of “flaming” or something, I just sharing my point of view. I also like graphics and I already finished college

You may have it right 3D “g”. Some times a break is a good idea . . . you’ll be blendering again at some time!

I think my little absence from this site improved my art, dunno why, but I feel like it did. For the past 3 to 4 months ALL I was doing was programming to finish CellZenith. I came back to Blender about a week ago and BAM it’s like I was using it the whole time. I think sometimes, when you get stuck, you need to leave it, go do something else for a few weeks, months, years… whatever, and come back.

I know thats not the issue you are having, but trust me, you’ll be back…we always come back :slight_smile:

I see what ur saying. Im having the same issues, id like to devote myself to my engineering course, but i have things id like to accomplish in the 3D graphics world as well.

Its all about finding the tricky balance. I had a lot of trouble with my first semester of my course as well, getting distracted by all my 3D stuff, but this new semester ive hardly touched blender at all. Just haven’t had the time.

There is however a good side to this, and its called holidays. :wink:
Spend your holidays doing 3D work, when you have time and no assignments or study, thats my plan anyway.
During the uni semester you can still do a little 3D stuff, and keep invloved with the community and all the updates to blender, but overall dont try to start any major projects and try to finish them.

So thats my advice! :cool:

That’s quite easy, just show her your big one.

As for the leaving, that’s very sad, I liked your work.

I quit Blender too. But for an entirely different reason: It feels like work. I mean, seriously, it’s almost depressing to model anything.

It feels like work…??

Well if you dont do any work then your not going to get anything done are you…?

Unless u mean it feels like ‘going to work’ etc, like an actual job.
Whats ur occupation Blender-er?

LOL. I’m an engineer. No, a programmer. Well, actually a dancer. No, that’s only a part-time job, I’m an artist.

Just Kiddin’ :smiley:

I’m a… what do you call 'em? Yeah, a STUDENT. In the ninth grade. 14.

And by work, I mean like, i dunno, like irritating, as if I’m being forced to do something boring. This happened quite recently, me getting bored with Blender, that is.

being good at graphics and 3d is actually really helpful in engineering or any other industry for that matter. Presentations, papers, even resumes have a lot of impact. Last year I got into a great coop program simply because my resume package was “the most well-presented” (which I thought was a bit of a crap reason, but hey who’s complaining)

Human-machine interaction, industrial design, these are all areas that encroach “art and design” subjects, but are essential in building electrical systems.

Don’t worry - you’re young. FYI this may happen with several things…it’s called “going through a phase”.

Other phases you may go through include: Goth/emo, homosexuality, heterosexuality, rebellion, conformity and any form of religious or atheistic beliefs.

Unfortunately you’ll find you may be stuck with one/some/all of the above as you become an “adult”.

I quit Blender too. But for an entirely different reason: It feels like work. I mean, seriously, it’s almost depressing to model anything.

The Blender-er: I know exactly what you mean.

One day, technology will make the whole process of dealing in 3D as hands-on and satisfying as a pencil and paper. But til that day… yeah. We muddle through.

Well, I know I’ll be stuck with [?]atheism. :smiley:

[quote=evilkillerfiggi]The Blender-er: I know exactly what you mean.

One day, technology will make the whole process of dealing in 3D as hands-on and satisfying as a pencil and paper. But til that day… yeah. We muddle through.[quote]

‘Pencil and paper’ is more satisfying than blender.

Edit: AARGH! How do you increase the text size in Chrome!?

‘Pencil and paper’ is more satisfying than blender.

The Blender-er: that’s what I just said. :spin:

I can’t draw in pencil near as well as I can make art with polygons, and I’m no expert in paints. Polygons is where my artistic talent lies, in Blender.

Yeah, I meant ‘Pencil and paper’ is more satisfying than Blender