3DGURU's GF physics script :::::::: cooming soon :::::: you will say WOW !

after you dlded this file ,
rar archive

you will see too movies

which contains the car without the GF script the enhances the Physics
contains the car with the GF method applied to it … it will swing on the surface as if there were no graviety ,

but when it falls this mean that the speed is not enough ! :cool:


very impressive. Nice job, allthough I think the speed I still very slow at the movies perhaps its the quality of the movies but n real life that car would have long fallen dow if it were to go that slow. I guess.


Interesting, i could definately use your script 3DGURU, it would help a lot. Any word on a release date?


Hi 3D Guru.
Today I was trying to download your RAR file, but it is not over there?

Maybe it’s because this post is half a year old! It’s not ok to post in threads that are this old.