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My Pixel Art Entry
Concept art of my entry … only for inspiration , and not the goal



Maan! This is incredible! Well done! Very realistic! :slight_smile:

i don’t see no cube pixels here

People this is a WIP he dont even post the image yet, that´s just the reference, read the post, not only see the images, gursh…!!!

Ha :slight_smile: . Sorry for my mistake. I thought this was a rendering. :slight_smile:

here goes the robot head …


what do you think of the contest ?

What’s with the whale…?

Just thinking the same thing:rolleyes::spin:

OMG , the whale was by mistake …



a try to composite with the reality …



your reference image is squashed!

You can edit the first post, and delete the whale image.

The shadow is much darker in the photo.