3dlight exporterer

We are looking for an exporter from Blender to 3DLight (RIB format, the same of Renderman we think)
We have to export animations…
Do you know where to find such an exporter??
Thanks to all…

As far as I know this is the only RIB exporter that has been made for Blender:
Blenderman isn’t being developed anymore, and I had trouble tweaking materials but it atleast can export models. Ofcourse it’s possible too to export the models you made in Blender to other programs like Lightwave or Maya which have better RIB exporters.
There also was a Tuhopuu build with direct Aqsis export like you can do now with Yafray, if you’re interested…:

The BlenderMan versions available from http://www.geocities.com/gkocov/blenderman/ only work with Blender 2.28 to 2.32. To use BlenderMan with Blender 2.33 and above download the updated script here http://mywebpage.netscape.com/XingSutachi/blenderman0.1beta9.0b.zip (it also has added Pixie support).

I wouldn’t recommend LightWave if you want to use it with a RenderMan compliant renderer. All exporters I’ve tried had only basic options at best and were still labeled “experimental” (their capabilities were close to what BlenderMan offers, just a little more tightly integrated to the host application).