3dluvr contest image

I can’t stand it any more. I have to say something about my upcoming entry in the 3dluvr contest. You see, I love old barns. Something about them appeals to me. So I put in an entry in the “Country Life” contest on 3dluvr.com. Looking at some of the past winners, I honestly think it has a chance of placing in the top 3, and that would just rule for Blender. It has almost 1 million verts, a huge fake gi sphere, Lsystem trees, Ripsting grass. I learned some new and very cool techniques for texturing and lighting that I’m eager to share, once I can show the picture here.

A couple of the people I work with and a few folks that have been to my house have seen it as my screen background and tell me that it’s a really nice picture and where was it taken? I don’t mean to go on, but I’ve been staring at the finished product for almost a week now, and it’s killing me not to be able to post it, and I had to say something before I choked on my own excitement. And that’s it. I’m excited about it. And this is a community, so I thought I’d share.

There. I’m done. Thanks for reading.

well done on entering. I bet it is great judgeing from past work. I’m looking forward to seeing it. Good to see more Blender users entering this contest. I believe Endi usually enters too. I haven’t yet but waiting for a contest that grabs me. Good luck.

First, great name. The story behing your name is just funny.

Your entry sounds very promising. I plan(ed) to enter, but I have procratinated so much. I think I’m hesistating because of the human figure requirment.

I look forward to seeing your entry. Good luck.

can’t wait to see it!

Harkyman , you make my mouth drool for desire…I wanna see it now !!!

Good luck !!

grr… Now you made me REALLY curious… :stuck_out_tongue:
Can’t wait to see it!

cya henrik

Oooooh… Just went to your website to see other samples of your work.
Waw, now that I’ve seen them (saw them before of course but didn’t know the artist) I can’t wait either. Man, when you’re that happy with one of your creations, it MUSt be good…

Here’s hoping you fall in the top three and give Blender the exposure…


So what is this, you tease us weith all this hype about your image, and we don’t get to see it!! (/me feels a whip lashing against his back, with the screams of “You will have to wait” repeating in the air).

Sounds great. Can’t wait to see it. Good luck as well.

So what is this. You are not allowed to show anyone the image until it gets posted at the contest as an entry? Sounds like a pretty stupid rule if you ask me.


you’re really cruel teasing us like this you know :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck on the contest


Thanks for the good wishes everyone.

As for the contest rules, I kind of like them. No public WIPing. No public display. If you’re caught giving people pointers to your image once voting starts you’re disqualified. They seem to be making a real stab at fairness.

Good luck!