3dluvr contest

(endi) #1

New contest on 3dluvr.com:

I will make a picture with Blender for this contest!

This is the previous 3dluvr contest:
My picture (number 29) at there! :slight_smile:

(bob_dog) #2

A great idea! The weekend chalenge is great, but it doesn’t get the Blender word out to the masses like this contest would.

(rivenwanderer) #3

:o Your entry is great!

(harkyman) #4

Nice entry. Nice site, too. I’ve not seen it before, but it’s bookmarked now. Thanks.

(endi) #5

3dluvr is a famous contest page. I think, some REALLY GOOD Blender entries are excellent adverts for Blender. :slight_smile:

(basse) #6

what is your secret in that nice glass texture? I really like it, it’s not photoreal, but it has feeling… like you stated in your comment there on the page too…

I really like the pic… it has that “painting/drawing” feel to it…


(endi) #7

Ah… only a “simple” procedural texture. :slight_smile:

(Zsolt) #8

Very nice, I like it, as you said, the feeling is great…

<start hungarian text which most of you won’t understand anyway :slight_smile: >
Nagyon szép kép, tényleg. Különben ritkán találkozok itt más magyar Blenderesekkel. Te mióta nyomulsz a Blenderrel? Én vagy 2 és fél éve.

(endi) #9

Helo Zsolt!
Azt hiszem a render.hu-n folytassuk. :slight_smile: Ismered?

(endi) #10

Oh, I forgot an important thing! At contest.3dluvr there is PUBLIC VOTING SYSTEM!
More about rules:

At current contest, the remaining time is 13 days:

(endi) #11

2 days left, prepare to public voting! :slight_smile:

(BMD) #12

how can I see your submission?

(IMProvisar) #13

Follow that link, his submission is #29.

Yeah… we need a bunch of good Blender submissions on this site so “Blender” becomes an option for the tool used rather than “Other” :slight_smile:


(endi) #14

You can see all submissions, when the voting process in open.
Now you can see only then older contests.

(endi) #15

I think, the quality of the pictures is not too high (just see older Luvr contests…)
If you want to vote for me: the number of my picture is 1335. But you vote only if you think: the pictures is good.
And READ the voting conditions:


(endi) #16

Contest is over, you can see the results!

Next contest will start in next 1-2 months.

(paradox) #17

Endi, great picture. I like the artistic look of your work. Keep working at it I would like to see you win one of these.


(endi) #18



Please read this careful!!!

(endi) #19

Hey! Will you make entries to this good contest?
We need to show Blender to the public! :slight_smile: The 3dLuvr contest is a famous thing!

(BgDM) #20

This looks like a good challenge! Great topic for this one. I might give it a whirl!